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* * * * * IMPORTANT NOTICE * * * * *

The author has retired at year-end 2015 and this business was shut down.  This means that...
(1) There will be no further updates or bug fixes to our software applications.
(2) There wlll be no technical support available after year-end 2015, either by phone or email.
(3) There will be no further sales of any of our applications, online or by mail, after December 30, 2015.
For a limited time, existing licensed users can still download application setup files of the last release version AND older versions on the Archived Download Files page.  You are urged to keep OFF-COMPUTER archived copies of your application's Setup file and OFF-COMPUTER copy or copies of your licensed Registration Name and Registration Code(s).

Copyright © 2015 by E. G. Collins
Archived Download Files  |  Frequently Asked Questions